Social Development Research

ISD has the expertise in conducting social development research and has an experience rich team comprising professionals from Social Science as well as from Environment and Engineering disciplines.

Multidisciplinary research approach and strength in participatory and qualitative research methods make ISD’s researchunique.

ISD had the opportunity to work for World Bank, Government of TamilNadu, and other international organisations as Consultant for research studies. Over the years, ISD has completed about 15 research projects and those in the recent past include:

2016: Study on the Socio-Economic Impact of Gulf of Mannar BiosphereReserve Trust activities funded by Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust, Ramanathapuram(Trust under GoTN)
2016: Study on the Impact of Awareness Programmes conducted by the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust funded by Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust, Ramanathapuram(Trust under GoTN)
2015: Audit of Project Performance Data as part of Change Management Training Initiative in the IAMWARM Project Officials funded by World Bank
2015 Community Level Impact Assessment of Change Management Training for the TN Govt Officials funded by World Bank
2015 Impact of Schemes on Cultivation and Consumption of Millets in Tamil Nadu funded by The State Planning Commission, Govt of Tamil Nadu
2014 Field Research for Mid-term Evaluation of the FINISH Project in Thiruvarur District, TN funded by WASTE, Netherland
2012 Community level Impact Assessment of Change Management Training in TN IAMWARM Project funded by World Bank
2012 Operation and maintenance of drinking water supply system- a study among the Panchayat Presidents in Thiruvallur district Own fund
2010 Rapid Assessment of the impact of TNIAMWARM Project in Phase 1 Sub basins funded by TN IAMWARM Project, Govt of Tamil Nadu

Besides, ISD has a repository of knowledge from its own action research based community initiatives in sustainable development specifically in areas such as Sustainable and Profitable Farming, Sustainable Rural Enterprises, Role of Social Workers in Natural Resources Management, Engendering Sustainable Development in Young Minds etc

To avail the expertise of ISD in research or to get to know regarding research opportunities and internships at ISD contact us:


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