Training for Sustainable Development

sustainable development. Imparting the necessary knowledge and skills at different levels is the need of the hourto enable sustainable development.

ISD offerstrainings such as:
•   Community Organisation for Water Governance- For Panchayat Raj Institutions in drinking water management

•   Irrigation Water Management – for irrigation tank based Water User Associations

•   Youth Leaders for Sustainable development- training the non-student youth on environment and sustainable development

•   Youth Champions of Sustainable Development – training the student youth in Sustainable Development

•   Role of individual and group in Sustainable Development- for any organised group such as corporates / neighbourhood groups etc

ISD also envisages to be a learning centre/‘rural lab’ and facilitate an integrated learning in sustainable developmentwith a multidisciplinary approach for aspiring professionals.

The trainings with emphasis on Integrated Water Resources Management approach, stakeholder analysis and stakeholder engagement,are offered for
•   community /social development professionals

•   water /engineering/public health professionals

•   crop/food/livestock professionals

•   research methods for research scholarsto study participatory processes, qualitative research methods

Besides, we facilitate for implant training for professionals in water sector, social work and community development.

Regarding training opportunities, internships and implant training or to avail the expertise of ISD contact.


S1-S2 Air Force Nagar,TSP Road,
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